Notorious Women of the Bible
Television Series

Famine, assimilation, adultery, rivalry, surrogate motherhood,
politics, murder, mayhem, and the seduction of the worst biblical bad boys; this series of programs will look at the Old Testament stories of women who dared to take the initiative and assume responsibility for the destiny of their people.

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The McLeans
Mini Series 6x60

The renegade Metis sons of a brutal white fur trader try to start a race war in 1870s British Columbia, fifteen years after their father was killed fighting the Chilcotin War.

There were four of them - three brothers and their best friend. The oldest was 24, the youngest 14. It was the ‘wild west’ of 1879. Bored, angry and alienated by a society that had no place for them, they began to lash back. It was minor stuff at first, but slowly events spun right out of control, until a police constable and another man lay dead. Now they were murderers on the run. But for a few giddy days, they convinced themselves they were revolutionaries, freedom fighters for the dispossessed. They began to build an army, only to watch it fall apart. Deserted by their last allies, they were pinned down in a remote cabin by 100 men with guns. After a three-day siege, they surrendered and were committed for trial. After a perfunctory trial they were condemned to death and duly changed.


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