Having our Baby
Television Series 6 x 60

Advances in medical technology and acceptance of gay marriage have fuelled a surrogate baby boom in Canada. Everyone makes money off the deal, except the surrogate moms themselves. It is illegal in Canada to pay a surrogate for her services. Having our Baby follows two childless couples and their surrogates as they navigate the legal and ethical challenges of this most intimate and contentious of transaction. Surrogacy is a practice as old as the Bible but it's only in the last 40 years that surrogacy –commercial and altruistic - has taken off. And in the past decade, it's increased 400%. Modern surrogacy is challenging ancient notions of birth and parenthood. The ethical challenges provoke world-wide debate. The answers are not simple. But for those who have yearned for a child they thought they'd never have, surrogacy is nothing short of a miracle.

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Reckless Caught Between
4 x 60

Caught Between is a 4 part docu-drama series that tells the intriguing stories of the Allied and Axis Pilots who found themselves trapped in neutral Ireland during the Second World War.

In 1943, this was the fate of 9 Canadian pilots, along with other airmen from Britain and New Zealand, not to mention the Axis internees, who found themselves forcibly interred in K-Lines – the Irish Internment camp for foreign serviceman in the Curragh, Co. Kildare – when they crash landed in Ireland. They were forbidden to return to the fight, confined to a cramped camp, and surrounded by seemingly hostile Irish guards. Yet life for the Internees in K-Lines was unlike anything P.O.W's experienced on the Continent, or in Britain. They had a camp bar, received a salary, were allowed daily parole away from camp, bound only by their honour to return, and some even married local Irish women whilst interred – a paradise compared to other P.O.W. camps of World War II.

But life was far from easy for Internees. The camp was a hostile environment, where tensions regularly boiled over between guards and the internees, as well as between internees themselves. Violent brawls and mass escape attempts were common occurrences. Many internees grew to resent their wardens and the country they were trapped in, just as many of the Irish Guards grew a venomous distain for the allied internees. To top it all, the Canadians found themselves separated from other interned Nazi pilots by just 4 feet of chain-link fence.

Caught Between will bring to life the hair raising incidents that brought the pilots down, the romances and relationships forged with the Irish, and the daring exploits and drastic escape attempts of the internees. The series will also show for the first time ever, the unseen, gritty side of internment in Ireland, where hostilities ran high and violence perpetually loomed.


Crossfire takes place in neutral southern Ireland from the summer of 1941 through the spring of 1942, inspired by actual incidents that occurred during "the emergency" that the rest of the world knew as World War Two.

Any airman, Allied or Axis, who found themselves making a forced landing in neutral Ireland would be held there as a 'guest of the state' in a guarded compound near Dublin. Far from a prison camp, the young men were provided unique privileges including the liberty to come and go within the local community and even work and form relationships with the proviso that while on parole they would not escape to rejoin the war. But the reality was far from idyllic. Separated only by a fence, tensions between the allied and axis airmen often boiled over. Desperate to re-join the fight, allied soldiers undertook numerous escape attempts while back in camp, infuriating their Irish guards. Soon a major piece of war intelligence lands in an Axis soldier's hands, and with the clock ticking he knows he has only one course of action.



The World OF ME
Television Series

The World of Me is a new, interactive, scientific and experimental TV show for primary school kids that will explore the world around every Canadian child, and will introduce them to the wonders of scientific inquiry.

Each episode will be inspired by videos submitted by viewers about the world around them. It’s simple – a child introduces themselves, sends us a short video of their surroundings and Bob McDonald and Torah Kachur bringing that region to life with science.



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