Reckless Reckless
Comedy Series 13 x 30

RECKLESS is the story of two brothers – Matt and Frank Dorati.  Polar-opposites in their morals, values and actions, they inescapably find they are more alike than they dare to admit. Bound by blood and family, but thriving in very different worlds. RECKLESS follows the lives of this new millennium ‘Cain and Abel,’ drawing us into the interlaced world of their family and friends who inhabit both sides of the law in the light and shadows of Vancouver.

The Dorati family is a study in contrasts: loving, conflicted, dangerous, engaging, disturbing, funny, tragic, but most of all – recognizably human.  The lives Matt and Frank and the conflicts impact their family are the core of RECKLESS.

Developed in association with Mal Young.

Taking On Water

Comedy Series 13 x 30

TAKING ON WATER is a half-hour series set on one of the gulf islands, off the southern coast of British Columbia. It chronicles the interwoven lives of a colourful confederation of unconventional characters, with an emphasis on comedy, adventure, and romance. The series has a
light touch, an irreverent attitude, and apositive view of humanity.


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Feature Film

The Suspect throws together an unlikely murder - 80 year-old George Wilcox, his friend Cassandra Mitchell, the town librarian, and Karl Alberg, Cassandra’s new romantic interest who is also the detective investigating the case. This troubled triangle find themselves caught up in a crime whose solution transcends the logic of simple police work and pure justice.

Based on the Ellis Award-winning novel by L.R. Wright, The Suspect goes before the cameras in 2011. The Suspect is written by Ian Weir and stars Donald Sutherland.


Comedy 13 x 30 Episodes

TALES OF AN URBAN INDIAN is the very first series of it’s kind; a quirky comedy about Canada’s young, urban, Native population. The focus is primarily on the mid twenties to mid thirties age group but there is also a sprinkling of parents, grandparents, elders, and younger siblings that play an integral part in the character’s lives. The characters themselves are a cross section of contemporary Canadian society and reflect the economic and cultural mosaic found in most urban centers.

Pilot available

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Series - 13 x 60 Episodes

“The Tall Dark Stranger” is a modern noir mystery series focused around Private Investigator Elliot Raffles. As the series opens, Raffles takes a gig with a public radio station to do a weekly show based on the cases that he follows.

Our stories will be drawn from the best tradition of noir cinema; stylish crime dramas that emphasize moral ambiguity and sexual motivation. Elliot doesn’t get the cases the cops get; he gets the seedier side of crime – the blackmail, extortion, cheating spouses, kidnapping, political scandal and corporate corruption. And in the best traditions of tabloid journalism he’s prepared to spill it all on the air.

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Documentary- 13 x 60 Episodes

In honour of the International Year of Astronomy this 13 part television series goes beyond the visible universe seen through Galileo’s telescope to the bizarre and violent events taking place beyond the human eye.
Exploding stars, colliding galaxies, mysterious dark energy , strange neutron stars and the warped space around black holes are so far beyond the everyday realities of life on Earth it’s hard to imagine they even exist. Yet without these strange conditions, our planet and indeed life itself could not be here to appreciate it. The calcium in our teeth,
gold in our jewelry and the very ground we walk upon were all formed in violent events that took place in deep space long before the sun was born.

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The O-Zone is the coming of age story of 19-year-old Olivia. It’s also the name of her controversial sex and relationship column in the campus paper. With the first line of her first column, Olivia’s an instant, albeit anonymous, celeb… “If you think there’s a lot of sex in the city, you haven’t been on a campus lately."

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Travel 13 x 30 Episodes

Jamaica, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Amsterdam, India. These destinations conjure up visions of travel, adventure and fun. But there’s something else going on here as well - sex! And it’s everywhere, from the sunny beaches of the Greek Islands to the heart of Russia, from the communes of India to the streets of Amsterdam. We take you to all these places and more. Travel remains at the heart of each episode and every locale will feature the cultural fabric of our destination. But then we take a peek at some of the more erotic and exotic options at our disposal. The choices are endless, and cover every corner of the globe. Sex! The Travel Show is voyeuristic, not exploitive; informative, not boring. It is also fast-paced, irreverent and light hearted. But above all, it’s fun! Produced in both English and Spanish with vivacious host Gisel Della Chiara

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Reality 13 x 30

Four international two-member teams, armed with mini-cams, an eclectic grab bag of survival tools, and their own wicked personalities will compete for fame, fortune and country as they race from New York City to Fairbanks, Alaska. With the vast expanse of Canada as their own personal playing field, contestants must use wit, guile and inspiration to not only find transportation, but also engage in challenges at checkpoints along the way.

Each contestant will be a fit, creative, and camera-friendly individual who craves adventure, and is willing and able to pit his or her skill and cunning against their fellow competitors. One team each will be chosen from Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Since each team must document their adventure, the result is the ‘ultimate road movie’. Cash prizes will spur them on, along with bragging rights for the winning country.



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