Reckless Caught Between

During World War II, nine Canadian RAF pilots along were off-course after a failed mission. They were forced to bail out of their twin-engine Wellington over Southern Ireland. Much to their surprise, rather than being returned to their squadron in England, they were interned for having violated Ireland’s neutral airspace. After an unusual interrogation at the
hands of the Local Defence Force in County Clare, they were detained, along with other Canadian and Allied airmen, in K-Lines, a military internment camp in CountyKildare - right next to a similar camp for German prisoners. This exciting movie explores their fascinating experiences – a tale of hair-raising adventure, daring
escape and doomed romance.


The World OF ME
Television Series

The World of Me is a new, interactive, scientific and experimental TV show for primary school kids that will explore the world around every Canadian child, and will introduce them to the wonders of scientific inquiry.

Each episode will be inspired by videos submitted by viewers about the world around them. It’s simple – a child introduces themselves, sends us a short video of their surroundings and Bob McDonald and Torah Kachur bringing that region to life with science.



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