Having our Baby
Documentary 1 x 60

Advances in medical technology and acceptance of gay marriage have fuelled a surrogate baby boom in Canada. Everyone makes money off the deal, except the surrogate moms themselves. It is illegal in Canada to pay a surrogate for her services. Having our Baby follows two childless couples and their surrogates as they navigate the legal and ethical challenges of this most intimate and contentious of transaction.

Surrogacy is a practice as old as the Bible but it’s only in the last 40 years that surrogacy –commercial and altruistic - has taken off. And in the past decade, it’s increased 400%.

Modern surrogacy is challenging ancient notions of birth and parenthood. The ethical challenges provoke world-wide debate. The answers are not simple. But for those who have yearned for a child they thought they’d never have, surrogacy is nothing short of a miracle.

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Documentary 1 x 60 (CBC)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and watch a documentary that will help clarify the mind while tickling your fancy. In MAGICAL MYSTERY CURES, popular radio & TV science specialist Bob McDonald takes you on a fun-filled, guided tour of various anti-aging products and their extravagant promises to make you feel better, younger, smarter, more vigorous, and more beautiful. It's an enjoyable, energizing and salubrious tonic that cleanses the mind of confusion, flushes out some of the sillier gobbledigook pitched at gullible consumers, and does its bit to reduce the number of suckers born every minute.



Documentary 18 x 60 (CHUM/Bravo)

On Screen! is a series of 18 one-hour television programmes documenting the history of Canadian milestone films, from “Goin’ Down the Road” to “Meatballs”, “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravtiz” to “In Praise of Older Women”.  Each hour will showcase a different feature film and the work of the people who made it; artists and auteurs who charted new territory by telling quintessentially Canadian stories, and in the process blazed paths, opened doors and set new standards for a modern generation of storytellers yet to come.



Documentary 3 x 60 (CBC)

For decades, the Second City has been nurturing some of the finest improvisational comic talent, from Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi to Mike Myers and Ryan Styles. This three-part series takes us from the earliest days in Chicago through to the golden years of Toronto, the birth of SCTV and on to the present day as new talent continues to emerge on five stages across North America


Documentary/Comedy 6 x 30 (CTV/Comedy Network)

Who built the largest talking penguin? How? And more importantly, why? Comic Sean Cullen delves deep to uncover the wackiest monuments ever constructed, the people who built them, the communities that house them and the zany secrets behind these crazy sites in “What Were They Thinking?



Documentary 1 x 60 and 8 x 30 (CTV Travel)

If every picture tells a ‘story’, and travel is filled with ‘pictures’, then ISLAND ESCAPES is the travel television brand that immerses its audience in both. The series is presented by Ziya Tong, a stunning, sassy, knowledgeable world traveler. Her personal journey is supported by breathtaking imagery, and together the details of each island’s unique people, history, food and customs are revealed. With every island episode she explores the surprising possibilities found within her ‘great escape’ and shares the experience.




Documentary 1 x 60 (CBC/SRC)

o.com is a cautionary tale of the Internet's profound effect on human sexuality. Allan and Nicole are cybersex addicts. Hooked on a drug arguably more dangerous than crack cocaine, they no longer live in the physical world. Theirs is a kingdom shining with sexual promise where boundaries no longer exist between computer and human.




Documentary 1 x 60 (CBC Life & Times)

A one-hour biographical documentary for CBC’s Life & Times strand, Shadow Warrior tells the story of the life of political activist, environmental crusader and founder of Greenpeace, David McTaggart

Lif as a Highway

Documentary 1 x 120 (CBC)

Hour One of LIFE IS A HIGHWAY: Canadian Pop Music in the ’90s looks at the rise of Canadian indie bands like The Tragically Hip and The Barenaked Ladies, along with the explosion in popularity of Celtic music artists and an eclectic array of chart-topping hits from Bryan Adams, kd lang, Crash Test Dummies, and Tom Cochrane, including his classic song, Life Is a Highway.

Hour Two of LIFE IS A HIGHWAY: Canadian Pop Music in the ’90s looks at the remarkable diversity of Canadian music in the ’90s, from the phenomenal international success of Canadian pop divas like Shania Twain, Céline Dion and Alanis Morissette, to popular performers like Blue Rodeo and Jann Arden, to ground-breaking urban music by Dream Warriors, and singer/songwriters like Ron Sexsmith.


Long John Baldry
In the ShadoW of the Blues

Documentary 1 x 60 (CTV, BRAVO, BBC)

Long John Baldry was a unique artist who inspired, led and influenced musicians from all over the world, many of whom have become stars in
their own right – Elton John and Rod Stewart to name but two. After decades of living, breathing and above all, playing the blues, R&B and Rockand Roll, Long John Baldry earned the title of musical legend.

DVD sleeve


Concert 1 x 60 (CHUM)

If James Brown is the ‘godfather of soul,’ then Long John Baldry was the Grandfather of Rock and Roll! If you need any proof look no further
than his 60th birthday party. Instead of inching toward retirement, John continued to epitomize the adage, "Rock ‘n roll never dies!" For almost half a century, in clubs across Europe and North America, audiences learned what their British cousins have always known - that this tall,
sardonic and very English singer was a consummate entertainer. The ultimate rock and roll part captured John, his band and some very special
guests, live, shortly before his untimely death.


Documentary 2 x 60

From “The Safety Dance” to “Summer of 69,” Rise Up digs up a treasure trove of gold and platinum hits, juxtaposing thrilling concert footage with illuminating interviews to showcase Canadian music’s global rise. Hour One explores how Canadian music goes global in the 1980s. Hour Two details the unprecedented heights to which Canadian music rises in the second half of the 1980s. From “Try” to “New Orleans is Sinking,” Hour Two serves up a wealth of memorable songs, blending eye-catching videos with fascinating interview clips to document the increasingly planet-wide reach of Canadian music. Music videos give wide exposure to a growing number of acts, making it easier for them to tour coast to coast.


Documentary 2 x 60

From “Sundown” to “Raise a Little Hell,” This Beat Goes On offers a jukebox full of classic songs, combining rare archival footage with candid interview clips to showcase the rapid growth of the Canadian sound. Hour One focuses on the formative years of Canadian music in the 1970s, a time of shag hair, bell bottoms and plenty of thrilling, chart-topping sounds. Hour Two examines the expansion of Canadian music in the latter half of 1970s. From “Stand Tall” to “Turn Me Loose,” This Beat Goes On keeps the hits coming, mixing stunning archival material and revealing interviews to document Canadian music’s international breakthrough.



Documentary 1 x 120 (CBC)

We know the icons: Adams, Dion, Twain, Cummings, Bachman, Hawkins, Young... even Cohen and Lightfoot if one pushes the envelope ever so slightly.

But what about Cano, Rush, Mashmakan, BTO, Edward Bear, The Poppy Family, Offenbach, Lisa del Ballo, Lee Aaron, Platinum Blonde, April Wine, Gino Vanelli, Robbie Lane and The Disciples, Doug and The Slugs and hundreds upon hundreds more?

We know about the early popularity of music coming from a few square blocks in Yorkville, but what about the music created in the basements, garages and bedrooms of Winnipeg, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver? Did it really all start with Anka and Curtola, or was the genesis much earlier? We’re talking music. Rock music. Canadian rock music. The beginning, the middle and far from the end. This is the definitive history. A co-production with Amerimage-Spectra of Montreal.




Kids 36 x 30 (Knowledge, TVO)

Heads Up is a 36 part science series about astronomy and astronautics for ‘tweens’ -kids aged 8 to 12. A series that takes kids beyond the basics of the Big Dipper and theMoon and introduces them to the magical content and practical context of the nightsky.



Documentary 9 x 60 (Discovery, DCI)

This is a documentary series that tells the stories behind the science of astronomy. Fast-paced and visually rich, the series reflects cutting-edge advances in scientific investigation at a level that’s understandable, entertaining, informative and educational. It takes us to exotic destinations inside our solar system, including several moons and planets, plus comets and asteroids. The series keeps viewers up-to-date on a variety of larger cosmic mysteries, such as the nature of planets around other stars and the on-going search for extraterrestrial life. In the process it examines the birth and death of stars, the evolution of galaxies, and the structure of the universe. Cosmic Odyssey is narrated by William Shatner.



Documentary 26 x 60 (Discovery)

A series of half hour documentaries on the night sky and the universe beyond. Cosmic Highway covers the full spectrum of modern astronomy, from amateur to professional, from optical to radio, from past to future. It travels around the world, above the world, and to new worlds. It solves old mysteries and creates new ones.



Notorious Women of the BIBLE
Television Series

Famine, assimilation, adultery, rivalry, surrogate motherhood, 
politics, murder, mayhem, and the seduction of the worst biblical bad boys; this series of programs will look at the Old Testament stories of women who dared to take the initiative and assume responsibility for the destiny of their people.



Comedy 69 x 30 (Comedy Network, CTV)

Each week the ACTRA Award-winning duo of Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen skewer the high-flyers, the low-lifes and the politicians who dominate the headlines. Double Exposure combines live performance and video material with archival news footage, re-dubbed with the many voices and unique spin of Bob and Linda. Together, they tell the ‘real’ story behind Canada’s most historic recent events.



Youth Drama 56 x 30 (CBC, Sveriges TV)

There’s a place where kids are kids, and the problems don’t have easy answers. A place where people lead real lives. A place called Northwood. Critically acclaimed in its first run and an award and ratings winner, Northwood follows the lives and loves of the teenagers who hang out in this middle class, ethnically diverse metropolitan suburb.



A beachcombers christmas
MOW 1 x 120 (CBC)

Dave McGonigal (Dave Thomas) and his daughter Donna (Deanna Miligan) have struggled to keep Molly’s Reach going, and dealing with Dave’s reputation as the town con artist. Now, Dave wants to change things by organizing a celebrity hockey game to raise much-needed Christmas funds for the town. As the hopeless local team prepares for the arrival of the ex-pro stars, event organizers not only abscond with the proceeds, but they bring in fake hockey stars too. In time-honoured Beachcombers spirit, this is a fast-paced movie featuring hijinks, romance, plenty of fun and, yes, some hockey!



MOW 1 x 120 (CBC)

Based on the hit international series, newly promoted RCMP Staff Sgt. John Constable returns to anchor an all-new cast of characters.
Younger, hipper and with more quirky overtones than the original series, it nonetheless stays true to the feel-good atmosphere that made The
Beachcombers a Canadian franchise.




Reality 2 x 60 and 11 x 30 (CTV Travel!)

Four teams of two people each begin on the west coast of Canada. The goal - get to the east coast as quickly and as safely as possible, but get there first! Each team is given a MiniDV camera, a limited amount of cash, a credit card with pre-set limit, vouchers for fast food restaurants, a phone card, a digital PCS phone (for emergencies only!), a GPS navigator, one night in a luxury hotel, and, oh yeah - NO CAR! So, how does one get from one coast to the other – more than three thousand miles – without benefit of personal conveyance?! Necessity being the mother of invention, the trick here is ingenuity. All in pursuit of the $20,000 cash prize!



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